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Katt Williams: Illuminati Target or a Victim of His Own Success?

in today’s social commentary….

Katt Williams.

One of our favorite comedians seems to be on a downward spiral. We are all scratching our collective heads as we try to make sense out of his situation.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself…is he a target or is he the victim of his own success?

Chronicled below are his list of infractions : the past 6 years…

Arrested again in Georgia in a parking lot of a local Walmart after an incident involving another group of people.He was arrested and a 911 call was made claiming that he had a shotgun but that was also proven untrue. This was the first of several more incidents to take place at a major retail chain.

Katt’s former assistant Jacqueline Gutierrez filed a complaint that she had not been paid for the 10 months she spent on the road with the comedian.

Allegedly punched record producer Merion Powers at a Four Seasons Hotel over an unpaid debt. This was the first of two reported incidents with Williams.

Sued for $8,900 by Extreme Fence Co. after installing an electric motorized gate and 106 feet of wrought iron fence at his California home and not being paid.

In a second clash with Merion Powers, Katt allegedly sicked attack dog on the producers pet dog and nearly killed it. Powers was suing Katt for unpaid studio time and alleged that Katt tried to intimidate him with his dog. A judge ordered Williams to pay $577, 929.

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In one of his more bizarre run-ins, Williams was charged with intimidating a witness after a man doing tractor work at a Palmdale home where Katt was staying claimed three women attacked him with rocks and dirt clods and was prevented from leaving the premises when his wife came to rescue him. The charges were later dropped.

In late June of 2011 Williams tour bus pulled into a Jack-In-The-Box restaurant in Arizona and one of his bodyguards was bitten by a retired police dog named Lester. The bodyguard shot the dog and killed it in retaliation. The family arrived on the scene in tears and Williams offered an 8 week old Mastiff puppy as an act of contrition. The security guard was fired and the family posed for pictures with Katt.

While at a Young Jeezy concert in Arizona (August 25) at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, Katt Williams was captured on video fighting with a club promoter.

In the second incident at a major retail chain, Katt was questioned by Ohio police over an alleged shoplifting incident at Best Buy. He was not arrested.

Katt’s former nanny Crystal McGhee was temporarily awarded custody of his 8-year-old adopted daughter, Leanne when he failed to appear in court. He eventually regained custody of the child when it was established that McGhee had no parental rights.

Katt was arrested by the LAPD for flashing a gun outside of The Supperclub. It was later revealed thatthe altercation was with Faizon Love, who says Katt pulled a gun on him over a $50,000 debt, but had the pistol removed by one of his boys. Katt later called him a “snitch.”

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Melissa Ishage filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court claiming Katt attacked her, punched her and caused her “serious and permanent injuries.”

Arrested and released for battery at an Oakland establishment, then threatened to cancel a show in that town. Williams said he was outnumbered four to one in the fight. Williams did perform–for about 10 minutes–before he confronted a heckler, took his clothes off and left. He was then sued in a class action lawsuit for non performance.

Katt Williams led police on a crazy chase through the streets of Sacramento while riding on a 3-wheeled motorcycle.

After the three-wheeled chase Williams slapped a Target employee, Forrest Liebenberg. The incident was captured by a surveillance camera and the employee was later fired for unrelated reasons.

In his most recent incident Katt Williams got into a bar fight in Seattle brandishing a pool cue and allegedly throwing a rock at a car. He was bailed out by Suge Knight, who is his tour manager.


Katt Williams announces he is retiring from comedy.


Suge Knight announces Katt Williams in NOT retiring and will continue his tour dates.


Katt Williams’ comedy act is recorded and goes viral.  What was so special about it?  Tells the world Jamie Foxx is GAY & on the down-low and can prove it.  He also calls him other names of a derogatory nature for Jamie’s role in Django Unchained.  Apparently, Katt was offered a role and wanted no part of it. (see clip below)

which lead to …..


Katt Williams is hit with a $4 Million Dollar tax lien AND has his kids taken away from him by child protective services ON THE SAME DAMN DAY!

Now if THAT ain’t some illuminati shit, I don’t know what is.

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