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When Believing In Multiple Religions Go Wrong: Chinese Man Builds Ark to Escape the Mayan Apocalyspe

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A Chinese man who lives thousands of miles from the sea spends his entire life savings to build an ark to save him and his family from the doomsday floods that may come as part of the wold ending catastrophe as predicted by the Mayan calendar.

Sounds like the beginning of hilarious off color racial/religious joke right?  Well, it’s no joke.

I’m not writing to make fun of  Lui Zhenhai, but to only point out how religion confuses everything and to show how this shit makes absolutely NO SENSE.

First lets’ talk about the obvious:

1. The Chinese practice Buddhism – but here I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he conformed ..

2. If you conformed to Christianity, why are you believing in Pagan rituals and foresight?  Isn’t that shunned as witchcraft? King James said nothing about the Mayans … so what happened to the whole “you can’t believe in anyone else but me – monotheism thing God has going on?

3. If you believe in Christianity and follow the Bible, then why are you relating the Mayan prophesy with the book of Revelations?…and didn’t God promise to wipe you all out by FIRE this time and not water?  If I remember correctly, the “rainbow” is supposed to be a symbol of that pact…although now it is a symbol for blowing out booty holes… so i can understand why theat may be a bit confusing… but the point still stands.  You built an ark to survive fire promised by god.

4.  Your ark is NOT even sea worthy and would crumble if a good wave hit it.  So you’ve basically wasted your life savings on a boat for the neighborhood kids to play in on December 22nd (get it? the end of days is supposed to be the 21st…)

5. If it is the end of days and you believe that God is determined to kill everyone, why not accept his judgement and just live out your days?  You would go against a direct order from your God to lie down and die and accept your fate? Oh wait..let me guess.  You heard a voice from the sky or a rock or a bush saying you are special…

This  is why I don’t mess with religion.  People will risk their sanity because they don’t want to face the inevitable reality of their death.  You can’t escape it son.  No matter what fairy tale savior you pray to, no one escapes the only TRUE constant in this life.


So instead of enjoying your life and living everyday like a new day, you try to cheat death using a mishmash of religious ideologies that are built on idiocy to begin with.

Yes life is worth fighting for, but using “religion” to mask your fear of death is ridiculous.  But I gotta say thank you for the laugh.

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