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A Revolutionary is a Terrible Thing To Waste …

The MadMen of WYMS are pledging a large part of the proceeds from the ticket sales to help two promising young men, Troy & Akeem, attend Morehouse college.  These two charismatic youth, took a stand for their education, the education of their peers and their school by organizing a movement to save their former high school, Brooklyn’s Paul Robeson from closure.

The movement put the boys on the move, and gave them a taste of why organization, having a vision and telling ’em why you are mad works.  They have since become interested in furthering their education and doing more for the community.

Morehouse has already pledged the bulk of what they need in financial aid, but they at about $10k short of a chance at higher learning.  So the rest is up to us, the community, to help these kids get a shot.

Your purchase of a ticket to CELIE’S REVENGE will help them reach that goal.  Even if you cannot attend the event, we ask that you PLEASE buy a “DONATION” ticket and show these kids that it DOES take a village and that THIS village of MadMen is about ACTION.




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