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Don’t Cry For Tony Farmer. Judge Explains Why She Sentenced The Fainting Basketball Star to 3 Years In the Slammer!

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Farmer attacks girlfriend in the lobby of her building

We all heard about the shenanigans of Tony Farmer, the young Black basketball star who was sentence to 3 years in jail after he beat the brakes off his girlfriend and then sent her threatening messages after the assault saying he should have done more.

Now people are crying “injustice” and saying we should be mad about what “the man” has done to another young promising Black man in his prime.

Why SHOULD we be mad at this? We should NOT. What makes these young men think that abusing a woman when they don’t get their way will be overlooked just b/c they can “ball”?

Boy don’t you know there are millions of Black men across the nation who can throw a damn ball? Don’t you know the system is set up to make money off you either way??? And you just played right into their hands. Another negro in jail.

Now you looking stupid falling out and sh*t in the courtroom because of your bloated sense of entitlement. Now you are just another statistic. You gets NO sympathy from this MadMan.

Watch the video of Tony’s assault  and hear from the judge on why she sentenced Tony to 3 years in prison.

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