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Federal Agencies Asked To Register All Their Social Profile Accounts – To Protect US Citizens

in today’s bad policy news…

The Washington Business Journal reports:

The General Services Administration is asking federal agencies to register their social media accounts to put together a one-stop shop for federal agencies, elected officials and programs to register accounts including LinkedIn, Meetup, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+ in a government wide database, Federal News Radio reported.

The full database will be available next spring via and so customers, taxpayers, contractors and other feds can check to see if social media pages are real or imposters.

So why do I call this BAD news? 

cause nobody cares about the “official” accounts!!!!!

I wanna know if that random dude who trolls my facebook page, group or twitter account is a Fed or the 5-O. 

Until THAT information becomes available GTFOHWTBS!!!!!!!!!!!

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