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30 Global Events You Missed While Distracted By The “BatMan Massacre”

in today’s Bad Policy news….

All my conspiracy theory MadMen rejoice.  We compiled a full list of all the GLOBAL  events of MAJOR importance that went on under the nose of the sheeple while they were otherwise distracted.

1. The Amer­i­can Oppo­si­tion To The UN Arms Trade Treaty (AKA Small Arms Treaty)

2. The Post-Batman

 ram­page by Ana­heim, CA police against a minority community 

3. The Mid­dle East is a pow­der keg more than ever as WW3 looms, pos­si­bly begin­ning in Syria

4. The Bul­garia bus bomb­ing that sup­pos­edly tar­geted Israelis

5. Hillary Clinton’s “unre­ported” assas­si­na­tion attempt

6. Iran and Straits of Hor­muz news

7. Weather Weapons targeting Iran

8. The Drought, Heat Waves Killing Corn, Soy, Wheat Crops Around The Globe

9. The Global Debt Cri­sis Flu is back

10. Global pres­sure build­ing again in global finan­cial mar­kets

11. China econ­omy out of steam? Releases more fraud­u­lent eco­nomic data?

12. More than 1 million people protest in Spain

13. Italy requested a bailout from it’s government

14. Greece Euro could collapse

15. East­ern Europe, Cyprus and boast Depres­sion Level Num­bers

was the BatMan Masscre staged?

16. The LIEBOR wave aka the LIBOR Scandal is about to hit the US

17. Grow­ing Cracks In Amer­i­can Econ­omy

18. Paul Volcker’s Con­cerns For US Munic­i­pal, State Gov­ern­ments

20. Tax havens as the class war tar­gets the “Not really that rich so called 1 Per­cent“

21. IMF scan­dal

22. Chicago Crime explod­ing

23. Afghanistan sit­u­a­tion dete­ri­o­rat­ing

24. South China Sea dis­pute over fish­ing grounds, oil/gas reserves

25. African tur­moil grows as region con­tin­ues to be desta­bi­lized

26. The NWO is turning Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood

27. Mali destabilization project begins

28. Libya is in complete turmoil

29. Nigeria/Central Africa reli­gious strife

30. Kony and Uganda

To go in depth on each of these points, check out the source article here.




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