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Korean Jesus Challenges White Jesus For Coveted Spot Of “Most Sadistic”

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OK MadMen..enough is enough. I normally leave people alone when it comes to their religious beliefs, but since ya’ll keep sending me this sh*t, it’s time for me to speak on it.  Hopefully I’ll NEVER have to repeat myself.

Let’s just get one thing straight.  If god does exist, IT would NOT be concerned with petty human emotions, nor would IT care to sit around and think up all kind of craziness to torture people with after death.  Understand, when you are dead you are dead.  No angels on white carpets, no trumpet blowing, no demons coming up from the ground, no white robes, or heavenly choirs.

Your energy just passes on…yes, it’s that simple.

I marvel at how conceited and pompous people are to think this highly of themselves.  Religion uses your own inflated sense of self and insecurity against you.  Only a fool would give his life savings to a Pastor because they are afraid of hell, only an ass would turn their child over to a pedophile to train him in “the way of god”.

Many of you are mad at me right now…and that’s ok…the truth of your own mortality scares you.  You NEED to believe in something.  So as a gift to  you, let me give you the secret of hell.

Hell is merely the most extreme revenge fantasy one can image for people they feel they are powerless against. It is also a perfect threat to keep a weak mind compliant to the wishes of a manipulator.

Let me give you some examples:

Korean Hell’s punishment for liars

Someone lied to you?  You take comfort in knowing they will be in the circle of hell where their mouths will be stuffed with hot rocks.

Got cheated on?  Your ex-husband will go to hell and demons will rip his flesh from his bones.

Those starving kids in Africa? Oh…they can rest easy knowing that ALL us fat cat americans will go to hell and be water-boarded slime for eternity….

Starting to get the picture?

No? …then I submit for your review the  hell of Korean Jesus … who has everything covered when it comes to going to hell.  If after watching and truly LISTENING AND APPLYING LOGIC TO WHAT IS BEING SAID, you still choose to believe in this craziness, then please – for the love of your god, do NOT teach this to your children and PLEASE stop trying to “save” this MadMan’s soul.

I’m good son.

Besides, even if I believed in all this religion crap, I’d follow Black Jesus … he doesn’t believe in hell and knows that shit happens.

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