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When Bible Thumping Goes Wrong…Outed Senior Member Thumps Pastor In The Face With The Bible

in today’s “white jesus shenanigans” news ….

white jesus … get your peoples…

Ina Garrett, a senior member at Mt. Zion Baptist Church is facing assault charges after attacking her Pastor.  Why would this sweet looking god fearing  senior citizen do such a thing?

Well… apparently the Paster, Rev. Taylor, decided he wanted to vote Ms Garrett OUT of the ENTIRE church.  Not just the Usher board, not just the Senior Choir or Hospitality committee … naw son … he wanted her out of the entire building forever and called a vote.  After he got the votes he needed, he called Ms. Garrett in to a special meeting, telling her she was no longer wanted at the church and threw her out the building.

The police came, and the Rev. opened the door to let the police know Ms. Garrett was “unwanted”. In that moment, Ms. Garrett, with ninja like precision, unsheathed her Bible and threw it at the Pastor, hitting him square in the face.  Not to be outdone, the Pastor tried to swing on her, but the nimble 64 year old Ms. Garrett, did the cold-smooth-duck move and the Rev’s punch didn’t make contact.

Can you say shenanigans???  Did I mention the ninja-bible-throw happened in front of the police (who documented everything)

When asked why she did it, Ms. Garrett simply said “He’s got the demon in him”.

Well I guess it takes a good ol’ Bible thumping to get rid of the demon …literally.  No one knows exactly why Ms. Garrett was in Pastor’s crosshairs, but it seem SO hypocritical that a man of “god” would ban a member of the church.

We are sure Ms. Garrett felt the same way, especially considering all the tithes and offering that she invested in the church.

Again I say, white jesus , get your peoples…serioulsy….they making you look bad.

See police report here … courtesy of the Smoking Gun


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