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Alabama Patsors Hold An “All White” Christian Jubilee ..For White Christians Only #jesusfail

White Jesus approves this message

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” news….

This is a first …  an All White Christian conference   and not the kind of “all white”  jubilee that most of us are used to  – you know, the ones where everyone shows up in their best white outfit (think Puff Daddy at the Hamptons). 

Oh no… you my good Christina can only attend this conference if you are white by skin and sanctified by lamb of sweet white baby jesus.

When asked to defend his conference, Pastor William Collier (the main organizer) said: “We don’t have the facilities to accommodate other people. We haven’t got any invitations to black, Muslim events. Of course we are not invited to Jewish events and stuff.”

He also told another media outlet “we are bringing the word of God to people who want it … who are part of the chosen race.”

The event is going on now and no incidents have been reported.  In fact, the event has been running along for the past three years.  Townspeople are feigning shock and dismay now that their shenanigans have brought some media attention. but this MadMan is not fooled.

Preparations are underway now for another jubilee where ALL races will be welcomed.  I’m sure White jesus approves.

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