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Asian Muslims Accused of Grooming White Girls for Sex Exposes Racial Tensions in the UK


in today’s “GTHOHWTBS” and “Really?” news …

Somehow the terms “Asian” & “Muslim” just don’t go together in my mind … but my world ignorance aside … after I got past that, I couldn’t get past the way the story focused on the racial tension and male posturing as opposed to the suffering of the women. Before I get on the soap box, here is how the A/P reports it:

The story of Girl A, as she became known in court, is tragic by any measure, but it has also become explosive. Because there is no getting around it: The girls are white, and the men who used them as sex toys are Asian Muslims, mostly Pakistanis raised in Britain. And it’s not just Rochdale — roughly a dozen other cases of Asian Muslim men accused of grooming young white girls for sex are slowly moving to trial across northern England, involving up to several hundred girls in all.

Ok… putting rapist behind bars is cool..and the right thing to do regardless of religion race or creed .. but why this focus on the sanctity of white womanhood? You mean there is only an uproar because they are white … when their brown counterparts are catching the same type of hell??

What I found most amusing were the quotes from the prosecutors and the defense:

“Mohammed Shafiq, a British Pakistani who directs the Ramadhan Foundation in Rochdale, says that a “tiny minority” of Pakistani men feel white girls are worthless and immoral – and can be abused with impunity.”They know if they took someone from the Asian community, it pretty quickly is going to be found out,” he says. “But those white girls are available, so they think they can get away with it.”

Inside the court, Ahmed, a key defendant, fought back hard. He accused the all-white jury of racism. He accused one girl of thinking whites were superior, and denigrated them all as greedy money seekers. And he accused white society of neglecting its girls and tolerating, even encouraging, bad behavior.

You white people train them in sex and drinking, so when they come to us they are fully trained,” he said.

The jury found nine men guilty and set two free. Judge Gerald Clifton articulated what many felt but were reluctant to say out loud when he accused the men of treating white girls as worthless because “they were not of your community or religion.” Then he sentenced them to a total of 77 years in prison.

In spite of all this posturing about “religion”, “economics” and “race” .. the victim was forgotten. completely forgotten. And if a few women are saved, we know that it will only be the hue of their skin that leads to thier rescue.

This is some hellified BS …. read Here for the full story.

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