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“Stand Your Ground Law” Case Analysis PROVES That People Who Killed Unarmed Blacks Walk Free!

in today’s bad policy and GTFOHWTBS news ….

The Tampa bay Times assembled 200 cases for a task force whose job is to review the controversial “Stand Your Ground Law” (made famous by George Zimmerman) .  The findings presented to the Citizen Safety and Protection panel, is no surprise to residents, but it helps to shed light on how the law is unjustly applied. reports:

The Times investigation found that although there was “no obvious racial bias in how black and white defendants were treated overall, people who killed a black person were more likely to walk free than those who killed a white person.”

During the panel’s organizational session last month, Carroll said that “many, many questions” were raised about the viability of the law that removed one’s “duty to retreat” in self-defense cases, particularly ones that occur outside the home.  

“When we heard from sheriffs, they had problems, and when we heard from defense and prosecuting attorneys, they had problems,” Carroll told the Times. “From judges, we heard that there have been cases we need to look at and get an understanding of how the courts have ruled.” 

For more charts and analysis: source.

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