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“I’m Coming Out!!”

At the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival on May 18th, Queen Latifah was on hand to  perform a few of her hit songs like “Ladies First” and “U.N.I.T.Y”.

Then according to the attendees, she came out at the festival, telling the supportive crowd “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time” and that she was “proud to be among my people”.

Right now the internet is running with those two statements, using them to confirm her lesbian status. Me, I’m not so quick to hop on the hype train just yet.  Look at what she said “proud to be among my people”.  Anybody that is vaguely familiar with Hip-Hop vernacular knows, “my people” is a broad, general term used to describe close friends, family, associates, your hood, your fans, basically anybody that is cool with you.For all we know, she could’ve been just talking about her fans and supporters at the festival.

Now for anybody that has been a long time fan of Queen Latifah’s music,  followed her career on television with Living Single and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, remembered her bit parts in Jungle Fever and Juice, all the way up to her nomination for an Academy Award for Chicago, we say to this bit of news:

who the f**k cares.

The only people who will care about this are the gay gossip blogs who will use this to fuel their agenda of trying to out every celebrity and the right wing Christian conservatives who will use this as an example of the degrading of our “American values” and will somehow try to say that this is President Obama’s fault.

For the rest of us, this will do nothing to change on how we feel about her as a spokeswoman and role model, an inspiration for many women that do not fit the stereotypical model figure, and a multi-faceted talent that continues to set trends.

All Hail the Queen.


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