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The Detroit 300: Mad As Hell And Not Taking It Anymore

The Detroit 300, an organization based in the city of Detroit whose motto is “Taking our streets back, one neighborhood at a time”, recently held a press conference to announce that they would begin to hunt down baby killers, as well as to encourage more men from the community to join their ranks. The group’s plan is to work directly with the chief of police, Ralph L. Godbee, and his commanders, who will have full disclosure on the the group’s activities in the neighborhoods. Raphael B. Johnson, president and founder of the organization, says that they will be making unannounced patrols through the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, called “hot spots”, to gather pertinent information leading to the capture of the offenders, as well as making citizen arrests when necessary.

The children featured during the press conference were Ari Berry, age 3, who was shot and killed while playing inside her home; Mariah Smith, age 5, who was abducted from her home, tortured and burned in an abandoned house; Bianca Jones, age 2, who was allegedly kidnapped during a car jacking and has not yet been found; Khadijah Davis, age 12, shot and killed inside her home; and Delric Miller IV, age 9 months, shot and killed by an AK47 round while sleeping inside his home.

The Detroit 300 are not vigilantes doling out street justice. Rather, they are an organized group of men who, concerned with the prevalent crime wave that has gripped Detroit, are working well within the law to make their community safer.  There are a number of sponsors who support the group, such as Crime Stoppers, Detroit Parent Network, Community Legal Resources, Alert Alarm Inc, Watchdog Security and Detroit Police.

“Our families are crying out for men…now the the streets, now our babies are crying from their coffins for men. Come help us. Stand up, take the lead, make a difference…your presence alone visibly changes the community…we’re given this ministry, this mission, to go out here and make a difference and talk to people who normally would not…share information with anyone else…sharing information with us is not like the police,” said Angelo B. Henderson, vice-president of the organization.

The leaders of The Detroit 300 are encouraging the people of Detroit to let go of the “stop snitching” mentality, and to call (313) 826-8662 if they have any information that can lead to the capture of the suspects who commit crimes in their community.

“We are beyond fed up…We are seeking justice…with our hands and our feet,” declared Johnson. “It’s a new day in the city of Detroit.”

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