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Whitney “The Voice” Houston: Lengendary Singer Dies At 48

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One of the most celebrated and critically acclaimed world-renowned singers has passed away. Whitney Houston dies at the age of 48.

Whitney Houston’s career and especially her prominence from the 80’s through the 90’s would be one of the most significant compared to many other artists during that time; with over 170 million albums and singles sold worldwide.

Whitney Houston is known as “The Voice” for her mezzo-soprano five-octave vocal range, but most notably known for her ability to sing in a melismatic way; singing on one syllable and stretching the syllable over a series of notes.

Whitney Houston is not only remembered for her captivating and soul-stirring voice, but she is remembered as an icon, and revered as an artist who helped to breakthrough racial barriers; specifically in the 1980’s with her videos receiving heavy rotation on MTV.

Whitney Houston’s work as a philanthropist would help the needs of children around the world. Through her non-profit organization, The Whitney Houston Foundation for Children, she provided care for children who suffered from homelessness to cancer and aids. She touched the hearts of many, not only through song, but with her love for humanity.

There is much more about this woman than what is typically shared in the media. It is unfortunate that her life would spiral into one that was absent of what personified her as one of the biggest and best talents of the world.

Not only was Whitney Houston inspired by many renowned singers, but she inspired many, many more. Whitney Houston’s death is a tragic loss for her family, the music industry, and her fans. Whitney Houston will forever remain a constant to many through her music, videos, movies, and posthumously through her role as Emma in a remake of the movie Sparkle, produced by her production company.

We will always love you too Whitney. May you forever rest in peace.

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