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Seattle police threatens to make up robbery charges on 2 innocent citizens.

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Seattle police threatens to make up robbery charges on 2 innocent citizens.

It’s an all too familiar story that Black men know all too well.

Walking down the street, minding your own business,  when all of a sudden, there are cops everywhere yelling “FREEZE…DON’T MOVE!”…guns drawn.  Then comes the pat down, the face to the dirt cement, the kick to the face, the threats, the ride in the police car, the fear and the feeling of powerlessness when the officers say they will frame you for robbery to ensure you end up in jail.

You would think that if caught on film, these types of incidents would be punished immediately.  The officers brought up on charges, fired and sued.  But when is justice ever that Black and white?

We offer for your consideration the case of Josh Lawson and Christopher Franklin, two Seattle men who filed a claim against the city for excessive force and wrongful arrest. Both men are gainfully employed full time and also go to school.  They were in the city center when they were accosted by police with the usual “they fit the description” excuse.  The arresting officer, adjusted their clothes to “make them look the part”.

Note that the police received a call for an assault, not a robbery.  The witness described  two African-American males wearing jeans (Lawson had on a sweatpants).

The officers got off scott free after an “internal investigation” was conducted, even though they are ON FILM telling the young men they will be framed for robbery. No disciplinary action was taken.  Not even a write-up.

Seattle Police Sargent Sean Witcom reviewed the film, and with a smile, cited the officers words as “inappropriate” but that the department found the young men’s claim “unfounded” and so the officers were exonerated..he then went on to assure people to “trust the trust the process”.

We won’t go into all the the story details, but the rabbit holes goes even deeper. Peep the video below to see what else the Problem Solvers investigators uncovered about the Seattle Police department.

The most haunting part? Franklin words : “He showed me he has the power to do whatever he wanted that night.  He had the badge…and all we could do was…nothing.”

Speak up. Speak out MadMen. Let them know we are Mad as hell and we aren’t gonna take it anymore!

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  • I am a 60 yr old black man.I own a fire arm not to shoot another black man but protect myself against lawlessness.It comes in all colors and race’s. I also have an attorney with the understanding that everyone can’t afford one.But as a group we can obtain legal council,we can pool our resources to fight fire with fire.
    We are under unrepresented when comes to the technology of the law.Therefore we are left alone against the power of the system which continuously disrespects our rights…Realize the power of numbers…

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