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Landmark Steakhouses Settles Federal Lawsuit After Employees Call Black Patron “McStinkyN*gger”

in today’s good news….

Landmark Steakhouse in Cornoa del Mar, a wealthy community in California, will now have to make one Black man very rich after their employees typed up racial slurs on his credit card receipts.

Mark McHenry, who was a regular patron at the Steakhouse, saw the hurtful identifiers on his receipts one evening after having dinner there.

Even more hurtful? The words “Mc Stinkynigger” and “McNigshit” were in the spot where his name should have been.

How much did Mr. McHenry win in his federal suit?  The amount has not been disclosed, but his lawyer’s say this was not the only instance of  racism they uncovered in their investigation. The steakhouse is trying to withhold past receipts, hoping to thwart efforts to identify other victims.

We were going to include a quote from the owner of the restaurant, but who cares what he has to say?  The proof is in Black and White son….and we hope this lawsuit bankrupts the place.

Sidenote: If they put that on his receipts, you can only imagine what they did to his food.

See below for the offensive and hopefully multi-million dollar receipts.

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