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An Ol Skool Ol Fashioned Ass Whoopin – Abuse or Good Parenting?

ya'll gonna learn today!

in today’s “social commentary”  and “classic beatdown” news…

ya'll gonna learn today!

So many of us talk about how the youth of today are out of hand. That they lack discipline.  That they get away with things “we never would have dreamed of…cause MY Momma woulda whooped my ass!”  We all remember the fear we experienced as kids when we heard “get the belt!” or how our stomachs knotted in fear because we knew a beatdown was coming when Mom or Dad came home.

As grown ups, we reminisce on how those beatings instilled a respect/fear of our parents, while allowing us to appreciate how hard it must have been to work and have to come home to all manner of shenanigans. A kind of “do-right” mentality.

If we had siblings, it ensured a bond that would last to the grave (as long as everybody got licks – regardless of who started the trouble).

Today, our beloved MadMan Grady, forwarded this video to us.  After watching it 700 times and laughing hysterically at the memories of shared “whoopings”, we thought…

Does beating a child ensure respect?  Is it right to get the belt to that ass after repeated warnings?  Is it possible to discipline a child and instill those same values without violence?  Were our parents wrong?

The Mother’s frustration is clear in this video, and while we are sure the children’s pride was hurt more than their backsides, some would claim child abuse.

Are those of us who grew up with the rod better or worse off?  Are we insensitive (to what critics call) this type of violence to children?  Alot to think about huh?

MadMen what do you think?  Answer the poll below…

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