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Teacher Arrested After Taking Pics of Students “Allegedly” Drinking His Sperm

the "nutty" professor

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news….

the "nutty" professor

*UPDATE*  After yet ANOTHER teacher was found to be molesting children, LA County has decided to fire EVERYONE in the school.  Yup! The entire faculty is ghost, gone, outta here.  Read the story here 

Mark Berndt, a LA teacher  at the Miramonte Elementary School, with 30 years on the job, was arrested for molesting 23 (twenty-three) children between the ages of 6 to 10.  Berndt photographed the children in a classroom setting, in various poses including shots of them with hissing cockroaches on their faces and others with spoons containing a “clear liquid” held up to their mouths.

While the children did not complain to their parents about their teacher’s behavior, they did tell authorities that they were fed a “distasteful” substance from a spoon or on a cookie.  Authorities say the spoons tested positive for Berndt’s semen.  It has been suggested that all the children be tested for STD’s as a result.

The nutty professor was busted after he sent his film to be developed, and the processor reported the pics to the authorities as required by law.  Berndt was arrested,and a search of his home AND classroom turned up close to 400 photos .  Not all victims were students of the teacher, and it is possible he lured his victims from the nearby parks and elementary schools where he lived.

Currently held on $2.3 million dollars bail, he is scheduled for arraignment on Wednesday.

MadMen…there are some SICK mofo’s out there.  PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN.


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