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Self-Destruct Email? – Mission Possible For Revolutionaries

in today’s good news….

Revolutionaries, jilted lovers, spying girlfriends and snoopers rejoice! Ever wanted to delete an embarrassing or sensitive information laden e-mail off the face of the earth forever? Horrified that you sent Tom a pic of your boobies? Well there is a website for that.

Copy,cut, paste you ask? Nah son, that’s DEAD.  Unless the writer gives permission, those functions will not work on these communications…not even screen grabs.

as reported by the Huffington Post:

Burn Note takes an incredibly simple premise and executes it simply. You write a message on on the site, you enter the email address or email addresses of the people you want to send the message to, you configure your settings — the length of time your recipient will be able to read the message, whether or not he or she will be able to copy and paste, etc. — and you hit send. From here, Burn Note fires off an email with a link to your message on the Burn Note website; from the time your recipient clicks the link, he or she has 60 seconds to read your message (60 seconds being the default), after which time the message disappears from Burn Note’s servers and leaves the Internet forever.”

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