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Vassar College Heartbreaking Admission Error

You’re trekking to the community college; feeling a little sullen, Why? Because you were falsely informed that your early decision application was accepted to Vassar; a prestigious liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Due to a computing error, 76 students were mistakenly informed that they were accepted to Vassar, via a special website. These students, and 46 others logged into Vassar’s website to check the status of their early decision application after 4pm. Vassar corrected the mistake by 4:30, and sent email notification to all affected parties.

Now imagine the scenario for the 76 people who did not review their email by the time the error was corrected. Calls were made to family and friends, the little jobs that they hated so, were contacted AND their employer’s were told to kiss their booty-holes. Shindigs were planned in honor of their acceptance; and now they could likely be drinking all that top shelf liquor for a very different reason, not to mention the crab dip, and caviar that went bad…oh the despair!

According to Vassar College’s website, they are renowned for pioneering achievements in education. Okay, so who dropped the ball? Was it someone who didn’t review the “About Vassar” portion of the website? How about Vassar swings some of that renowned pioneering over to improved technology and training for their staff to ensure something so egregious never happens again…EVER!

In an unrelated topic…well, it’s kind of related; President Obama is seeking to overhaul the rising cost of college tuition. Here’s a simple solution Mr. President, tell potential college students to submit an early decision application to Vassar!

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