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Donald Trump Says There Are No Black Role Models

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Donald Trump went on The Today Show and told what he said is a “sad” truth.  That “urban” people (aka Black and Latino) people have no role models.  He joked that Baraka Obama would have been contender no.#1, but  dropped the ball since he has done nothing for the “inner city”.

Is the Don right? Or is it apparent that he is so removed from real life by his wealth, that he thinks a working parent can’t inspire their children to achieve better? That earning below a minimum wage makes you useless in the sight of your children?

Don’t let the MadMan sway your opinion….watch for yourself..

Donald Trump Says There Are No Black Models

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  • He’s definitely wrong. A lot of working parents inspire their children to want more. I also believe that Russell Simmons is a great role model. No matter how much money he has, he holds charity events every year and donates to a lot of charities as well.

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