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Jackie Kennedy Calls Out Martin Luther King Jr. As A “Sex Pest”

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Martin could certainly "get it"

MadMen, as you know we are ALL about telling ’em why you mad, but former first lady Jackie Kennedy aka Jackie O. takes the cake on this one.

Her target? Martin Luther da King Jr.

Her beef? That he was a drunken man-whore.

Jackie O. sat down over 47 years ago and recorded her rants of her feelings about many of the world leaders she came into contact with during her reign in the White House.  The tapes have now been released and will air in a documentary soon.

The stylish first lady spoke of many people, but saved her most venomous attacks for the iconic Civil Rights leader. She called him a “sex pest” and said every time she saw his picture somewhere all she could think was “that man is terrible”.  She also dropped dime about the infamous orgy that was supposed to take place the night before King’s infamous “I Have A Dream” speech.

Jackie O... "I dream of Martin"?

Now MadMen, we don’t have a problem with anyone calling a hoe a whore, but we gotta call bullshyt on Mrs. O.

Seriously Jackie? You wanna call out Martin Luther’s hoeing ways, but NO mention of how your husband got down?

Even if what she is saying about Martin is true, he would STILL look like the Virgin Mary next to HER husband, John Kennedy.

Funny how she demanded that the tapes not be released until after her death. Guess she didn’t want to have to answer all the questions that would be pointed directly back at her because of her “observations”. Like “Why are you so angry at da King?  Could it be you are  salty cause he didn’t make a pass at you?”  and “How can you point a finger at Martin, when your husband was playing you right in your face?” and “Aren’t you just deflecting your REAL feelings about your husband on to someone else?”

All in all, Jackie O. dropped dime on EVERYBODY…can’t wait to hear it.

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