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Prison Pimping : Wanna See Your Relative? Pay Admission.

Wanna see your Brother who is locked up in Arizona? - you must pay admission first

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news:

Wanna see your Brother who is locked up in Arizona? - you must pay admission first

A $25 visitation fee helps to ensure our prisons remain safe environments for staff, inmates and visitors.”

This is a quote from Barrett Marson, a Corrections department spokesman, when asked about the newly instated admission fee for Arizona prisons.

Yes. Admission.

Wanna see your locked up brother or father? Be prepared to fork over $25 bucks for a “background” check – which can take up to 60 days to be approved. The fee can only be paid by Western Union or by money-order (good luck with that one).

Oh…and that’s per person.

Civil Liberties Advocates call the whole thing a “money-making-scheme” devised by cash strapped Arizona.  Especially since the state can conduct background checks for FREE, and the state admits that the money raised will be used for “building maintenance”.

I call Buulsh*t MadMen.  Why do you need to fleece the families of the prisoners for dough to maintain the building? Let the prisoners maintain it…train them so they can have a skill when they get out.  If that is not a viable option, then raise the fees you charge the corporations for their labor…don’t tax an already taxed out segment of the population.

On a side note: the background checks seem like an entrapment tactic as well…so what happens if a person has some unpaid tickets or back child support? Will they be able to just keep you there and get you a cot next to Big Bubba?

There are some serious implications here MadMen..and you should be mad wherever you live.  We know Arizona is the testing ground for many of the new laws that threaten your civil liberty, privacy and way of life.

Pay attention…and do what you can to stay informed and spread the knowledge.




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