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White Jesus Is Not To Blame For The Tragedy In Norway

White Jesus approves this message

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

the face of religious craziness??

By now, everyone has heard about the tragic events in Norway.  When the news first hit, the immediate reaction was Norway??? But they are neutral…why woul Al Qaeda blow shit up there?

As more reports filtered in, it was discovered that the culprit was not Bin Laden or some other terrorist group, but possibly one of Norway’s own.  Apparently, this dude went straight 730.  Bombing AND shooting people???   Crazy son.

But here is where my gripe comes in.  Now that they can’t pin this on the Muslims – the media feels there needs to be a bigger picture…surely white people just don’t go crazy…so they begin to describe him as a “Christian fundamentalist with right wing ties”.

White Jesus approves this message

Ummm… sorry white media people.  You can’t blame this one on white Jesus.  That man was just crazy.  Religion had nothing to do withe this one.  If someone got their booty-hole blown out…then maybe you might have a case.  But this is just plain ridiculous. he was blowing up government building and shooting 16 year old children.  There is nothing “fundamentally Christian” about that…it’s just plain crazy.

Just admit that Norway has some crazy people like everywhere else and lets move on.  Religious extremism can’t be the cause of every form of mental illness in the world.

Let’s leave White Jesus out of this one…i’m just saying.

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