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Damn U China: Bootleg Apple Stores Doing Big Business In Beijing

fake ass Apple store in China...wonder what other counterfeit shit is in there...

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

first Canal street (notorious Chinese bootlegging  district in NYC) and now this????

The AP reports that China is now faking ENTIRE Apple stores.  Here’s the report:

BEIJING (AP) — At first, it looks like a sleek Apple store. Sales assistants in blue T-shirts with the company’s logo chat to customers. Signs advertising the iPad 2 hang from the white walls. Outside, the famous logo sits next to the words “Apple Store.”

 And that’s the clue it’s fake.

fake ass Apple store in China...wonder what other counterfeit shit is in there...

China, long known for producing counterfeit consumer gadgets, software and brand name clothing, has reached a new piracy milestone — fake Apple stores.

An American who lives in Kunming in southern Yunnan province said Thursday that she and her husband stumbled on three shops masquerading as bona fide Apple stores in the city a few days ago. She took photos and posted them on her BirdAbroad blog.

The three stores are not among the authorized resellers listed on Apple Inc.’s website. The maker of the iPhone and other hit gadgets has four company stores in China — two in Beijing and two in Shanghai — and various official resellers. Apple’s Beijing office declined to comment.

The manager of an authorized reseller in Kunming, who gave only his surname, Zhang, said most customers have no idea the stores are fake.

Some of the staff in the stores “can’t even operate computers properly or tell you all the functions of the mobile phone,” he said.

“There are more and more of these fake stores in Kunming. Although they may sell real Apple products, some of those products were not imported through legal means. And they cost more.”

just Apple running windows....another bootleg creation for those in China who want an iPad but can't afford one.

Fake Apple stores are a “particularly egregious example” of brand piracy but their emergence is not surprising given the amount of product counterfeiting faced by corporations such as Apple, said Ted Dean, president of BDA China Ltd., a telecoms market research company. Source


Damn U China! We can’t have shyt.  First you put a chinese food store on every corner of the hood (selling junk food that a dog wouldn’t eat), then you make crappy ass products that our government forces us to buy because of the trade agreements, then you send your women over here to have American babies on the American taxpayers dime, so you can later claim citizenship when it’s convenient (read story here), you demand to be classified as “Black” in South Africa to take advantage of business opportunities set aside for disenfranchised Africans…you know..real Black people (read story here)….and now THIS!!!!

China u are a biting ass thieving muthafucka!  Damn U!

  • UUmm lets be real we are aprt of a country that was based on taking from others. How mad can we be? for real though!! There is NO honor among thieves…com on now!!!

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