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Halperin fired for calling Obama a D*ck the death of freedom of opinion.


I don’t know who Halperin is, but I do know all too well the situation he has been placed in. Before I go into my rant, lemme ‘splain you what happened.

So, Halperin who is an analyst on some news show, was prepping to go on air and was discussing Obama. He asked the host Joe Scarborough if they were on air yet..saying”Are we on a seven second delay? I wanted to characterize how I thought the president behaved yesterday”, and they told him “take a chance…go for it…let’s see what happens…we got you”.

Then Halperin said in regards to Obama, “I thought he was a ____ yesterday”.

Then everyone bitched up. I couldn’t tell if they were mad because they guy said the word “dick” or because it was in relation to the president.

Either way, it goes to prove you can’t have an opinion anymore. So what he thinks Obama is a dick?? Some of you may say..oh! he used profanity on air…but give me a break- I’ve heard worse from 5 year olds.

Every man is entitled to his opinion, something is very fucked-up in the game when you lose your job over it (especially when it is your job to give your opinion).

There are unspoken rules when it comes to media. Say as you are told. Conform, have no opinion. The media exists to tell the public what to believe – not to engage original thought and opinion.

You SHOULD be Mad.

Video coming soon….

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