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Tennessee’s Children Will Not Learn About Homosexuality

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It’s official.  Lawmakers in Tennessee voted on Friday that their children would not be taught about homosexuality, tolerance or the fact that some people are gay.

The proposal for the bill was to begin teaching children from kindergarten through eighth grade about the alternative lifestyle, gay family structures, bullying and abstinence.

The bill was passed on a technicality ,simply because the legislation only allows age-appropriate lessons about the science of human reproduction.

Since homosexual couples do not reproduce, lawmakers feel there is no need to include the sexual preference in a classroom setting.

So we guess we will continue to let our kids learn about the gay lifestyle and tolerance from Glee (popular TV show that ALL the kids watch).  Or maybe the parents should take an active role and teach their own kids about how to be decent to another human being, regardless of what they believe or like.

Why do people feel that is the school system that is responsible for teaching children social norms?  Parents need to be held accountable.  If your kids bullies another kid for skin color or sexual preference, it is not the fault of the school, it is YOUR fault for not teaching your child.

But you know what they say…the apple never falls far from the tree.

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