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It Takes A Village to FEED This Child…WTF?!?

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news….i

WTF?  Really?  Huh?  So this is how they’re doing it in India? 

By now I’m sure you’re asking? “What am I talking about?” I’m talking about a 145 lb 6 year old girl who’s parents are letting this child eat them out of house and home.  NO effin way.  Not in my home or any family I grew up with’s home.  This is some straight Bullshyt.

The parents say it’s hard to control her because of her tantrums and begging the neighbors for money but personally, I would rule my house with regard to this matter.  Not to mention how the fathers paycheck is paying for all of the food “lil” 6 year old Suman Khatun…

Shiiiittt… She would find herself in a tantrum all she wants in between meals… and it’s said that she eats mud if she doesn’t get what she wants… my position on that one is “Enjoy love… and would you like some curry with that?”

Theres no way I’d let any child rule me or mine or how I run my house.

This is only a symptom to a larger problem and the whole family needs to contribute and find the root of the issue and resolve it before this child kills herself…


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