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Cornel West – Corporate America’s Latest Victim

Heroes must be careful.

Oft times they live long enough to become villains.  Yea I know …batman movie quote, but it sums up my point so well in this case.  Villain of the day? Cornell West.  I always thought of Mr. West as an honorary MadMan, so I’m looking at these media attacks on him with a raised eye.

 See, a true revolutionary can see the BS a mile away.  Mr. West spoke to a truth that bothered the powers at be.  He voiced his disappointment in regards to an administration he had high hopes for…for once, he broke away from the “preach-for-dollars” clique he was running with and dared to have a real opinion on a real subject that affects real people.

By breaking with corporate sponsored Sharpton and the FBI (Faith based Initiative or rather “the church”)  he has opened himself up for massacre on a level he probably isn’t even ready for.  He called Obama “the Black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”  Let’s just dissect that for a minute. was a little harsh…anyone who has had a debate around the dinner table in a Black household understands how we mix the “dozens” with debate.  But there is truth there…how is it the banks are too large to fail, but the people are?  Where is the bailout that was promised to the people?  How could Obama NOT address the high levels of Black unemployment in this country…we didn’t say fix it…just address it..say something about it.

Where is the FaceBook campaign to provide Black people with the names and home numbers of the representatives that actually have the power to create the change he wants (and we need)? Speeches are pretty, but the people need real tools. Not advertisements and videos about your upcoming election.  The frustration comes from the community being treated as if it’s invisible.  So I can get with West on that point.  He is right.  If Jamal gets stopped and frisked while coming home from work, it’s ok, it’s even constitutional – but let that happen to the bankers as they walk to and from the biggest criminal enterprise ever, aka Wall Street.  OH! There would be a reckoning like never before. So again..yea West has a point.

On his next point “…he [Obama] has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” I don’t see the problem.  I mean, I sat there with the rest of the nation, watched Obama stroll to the podium and declare the he and he alone had given the command to merk Osama.  Those who are against war, will always speak on points like why the surprise at West’s comments?  All of a sudden everyone is righteous when it suits their agenda?

Be Careful West. Know who is backing your friends. Sharpton turned on you like a rabid dog cause you fucking with his money.

On his comments about Obama being scared of an independent Black brother…we on the street understand the dozens…he is calling Obama out to play.  Calling him on his “shyt” as our Mommas used to say.  So calm that shyt down white people media and Black Obama supporters.  Obama is a man who can get called out like anybody else – he is NOT the messiah.  We need people like West to bring up these points and keep these politicians honest..including the President.

There is a movement to discredit Mr. West. It is so obvious.  He called out the corporations.  The same corporation who have his best friends like Sharpton in their pocket.  The same corporations who financed Obama’s campaign.  The same corporations who own the very media outlets that are beginning to promote the propaganda against Mr. West to detract from the truth.

This is the game…and after the revolutions that happened recently, every American (especially Black Americans) should know it is played already.

So PLEASE stop arguing among yourselves about why Mr. West attacked his fellow “brother” Barack and ask the real question….


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