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Thousands of People take To the Net To Defend The Image of the Black Woman

in today’s Revolutionary Corner…

Say word?  Did the revolution start today?  It wasn’t televised, it took place on the internet.

THIS dude is calling somebody ugly???

Japanese “psychologist” Satoshi Kanazawa, known for his racist and sexist “findings” felt the full angst of the Black community today when Psychology Today published his article,  “Why Are Black Women rated Less Psychically Attractive Than Other Women, But Black Men Are Rated Better Looking Than Other Men?”.

In the article, Kanazawa claimed that aside from having a larger body mass index and questionable intelligence, the main reason Black women are the ugliest race of women is because they possess large amounts of testosterone, making them look like men.

Yes.  He went there.  When I first read it, all I could say was “Wow”. Then I said “WTF” and then back to “Wow”.

Like thousands of other  people, I took to the net, sharing the story, demanding an outcry from friends and strangers alike. I was not alone in my anger. As the anger grew, the story went viral and soon larger blogs picked it up.  Soon the website itself was inaccessible.  The phone lines to the psychology journal blew up with angry readers and the editors decided to pull the story they published  – realizing that by publishing it, they were co-signing the bullshyt.

The deeper issue of all this….we know how stereotypes begin.  Just like this.  With some racist “degreed professional” writing a story where it gets published as scientific fact, which is then published in respected scientific journals, which is then put into textbooks, which is then taught to children.  What better way to kill the self-esteem of a race by telling them their women are hideous?  What better way to psychologically fuck a people than to kill the desire for their own women?

People got Mad…And shut the shyt down.  I have never seen the image of the Black woman defended so fiercely.  Everyone who took a stand on this (Black, White or otherwise) should be proud.  THIS is how you stop these racist mofo’s in their tracks.

No need for violence.  Just a collective cry of “BULLSHYT”.

There are more Black people on the net today than ever before.  In “olden times” they could slip crazy theories like this past us, and we wouldn’t realize it until it is too late.  This shows the importance of being a MadMan when it comes to the type of information that is released.  It also shows how easy we can change things if we put our minds to it.

To you Mr. Kanazawa, we say FUCK YOU!

Click here to read Satoshi “I love being racist” Kanazawa’s article.

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