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Luther “Pop dat P*ssy” Cambell As Mayor???

Pop that P*ssy for Votes!

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” news….

Pop that P*ssy for Votes!

Mothers and Fathers, gather the children round to hear this tale of woe.  Luther Campbell, formerly of The 2 Live Crew and known for making such hits as “oh! Me So Horny!” and “Doo-doo Brown” now wants an official title and government seat as Mayor of Miami-Dade county.

He can’t understand why his opponents won’t take him seriously. Seriously?  Ok.  I’ll tell you why.  Because he spent the majority of  his life peddling pussy to kids. There I said it.

“Uncle Luke” claims to care about his “community”.  Really? How much care did you have when you demanded young women to get face down ass up? or how about your porn business? Now you trying to act like Mr. Huxtable …running for Mayor? GTFOHWTBS!


Luther is quoted as saying “They are scared of me” when asked how he feels about not being allowed to debate with the other candidates or be covered by the mainstream media for the race.

Hell yea they are scared of you!  Women are trembling in fear and decent men are looking at you cross-eyed.  We understand Barack gives you hope son, but you gonna have to sit this one out.

When will you guys learn that you NEVER escape your past? No matter what you do, you will be judged by it. Why do you think everything is based you your history, be it credit, scholastic or judicial.

Luther will always be seen as a pimp because that is how he presented himself.  He sold the self-esteem of his community to make money.  Guess you thought we forgot about the mis-guided brown sisters you exploited  in that series you put out with the Girls Gone Wild producers? Thought we forgot about the porn scenes, the videos and the strip clubs?

But Luke wants the good people of Miami to vote for him, not because of his rap persona and history of defiling the community he hopes to serve, but because. and I quote “I’m a business man”.  Yea, he said that with a straight face.

The only person who could make a move like this would be Chuck D…and “Uncle Luke” is no Chuck D.

This is the one time I hope the Black people of Miami-Dade continue their dissociation with voting.  But should they choose to vote for them, he will see to it that the projects are safer, new business comes to town (a real stripper mall perhaps) and wait  for it…wait for it….

a tax on strippers.

*drops mic….exit stage left*

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