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High Times Rep. Watson Ousted…The Sticky Icky Strikes Again that egg on your face son?
"Marijuana Cigarette"
Dat Sticky Icky...Killing Careers and Exposing Hypocrites

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” news….

Remember Rep. Robert Watson our friend who was arrested in Connecticut two weeks ago on charges of  driving drunk and possessing marijuana?   Well, the poor thing was voted out as Republican minority leader on May 3.    Watson has served as minority leader since 1998 and was first elected to the house in 1992.

Though, he didn’t discuss the details of his ouster he did offer an explanation for his possession of the sticky-icky.  Well, sort of.  Watson said last week that he uses marijuana to treat recurring pain from a severe bout of pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas, which hospitalized him last fall.

Rhode Island has a medical marijuana law, but Watson never sought a prescription because he wanted to keep his use of the evil weed private.  That feeble explanation persuaded only two out of  the ten Rhode Island house republicans to side with him in Tuesday’s (May 3) vote of no confidence.

It gets better Madmen, Watson admits to having “several” drinks at the time of his arrest but denies being drunk.  An alcohol breath test performed at the East Haven police station determined that Watson’s blood-alcohol level was 0.05, below the state’s limit.   Rep. Watson says police targeted him, adopting a more aggressive attitude once they saw a legislative ID in his wallet.

Legislator Profiling?  Is he serious?  This would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

I offer a few words of advice to my dear Mr. Watson.  First,  admit that you like the mean green.  No one respects a liar, especially in the “Cyber age’ when it’s so easy to be caught in a lie.  Next,  Do not point fingers and place blame.  Let’s remember that you are a suspect and not a victim.

Finally, leave the pipe at home.  This needs no further explanation.

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