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Deaf/Mute Friends Stabbed At A Bar, Gang Members Mistake Sign Language For Gang Signs

when "keeping it real goes wrong" in a book. not all groups of Black men are criminals like you

in today’s GTFOHWTBS, Who Raised You , and When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong news……

My Latino brothers and sisters….PLEASE understand that everyone is not out to get you. Calm that gang shit down, pick up a book and learn about the world around you.  Ya’ll are looking REAL dumb behind this shyt here. 

when "keeping it real goes wrong" in a book. not all groups of Black men are criminals like you

So here’s what happened, Barbara Lee, 45,  having a drink at a local bar, noticed Alfred Stewart, 31, and his friends communicating to each other with their hands.  Thinking it was a challenge, she began throwing gang signs at them (in a show of solidarity?).  Offended, Alfred and his friends signed to her to leave them alone, and all hell broke loose.

Not to be slighted, the 45-year-old left in a huff and returned with Marco Ibanez, 19, and another 17-year-old.  confronting the deaf/mute group, Ibanez must have been upset when they acted like they couldn’t hear him and he then proceeded to stab all of them.  I can’t make this shyt up people.

Alfred "can a brother live" Stewart and his friends are recovering from his stab wounds

Alfred Stewart and three of his friends were taken to the hospital to be treated, while Lee and Ibanez were hauled off to jail.  Thankfully, no one was killed.

Barbara Lee is a world class donkey.  You are 45 years old throwing gang signs????  Are you so stupid you can’t tell the difference between sign language and some made up hand gestures????  I hope they throw the BOOK at your dumb ass!!!

Who Raised You???

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