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Obama Gets The Royal Finger…Not Welcome At The Royal Wedding

in a straight hater move...Obama calls for the castration of Weiner.

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

"f*ck you...I didn't want to go to your stupid party anyway"

Ok MadMen…this is our first and last piece on the bullshit Royal wedding that is going down this season.  We typically dont’ pay attention to this crap when people are catching hell all over the world, but this was too good to pass up.

President Obama was not invited to the Royal Wedding.  So you say?  Well, this is the first time in history that such a thing has ever happened. The Queen is mum on her decision, but we here at the MadMan Chronicles have a few theories of our own…

  • The recent war in Libya has left a bad taste in the Queen’s mouth:  We know the current war in Libya is a trifecta of the three imperialist nations: France, England and the US.  Did something sour in the negotiations over how to divvy up all that oil?  Nothing parts friends faster than money…
  • Obama hasn’t killed enough people yet to enter in to the “club”.  The Queen is old as hell and many have died under her watch.  Also noted is the fact that other so called “human rights violators” are invited.   Seems like everyone who did NOT win a Nobel Peace prize will be there (haters).
  • Michelle will upstage the event in a designer gown that will eclipse the bride.  Prince William may be distracted by the Black beauty and all hell would break loose. Plus NOBODY can wear a hat like a Black woman…#imjustsayin
  • The Queen doesn’t care about Black people….unless they are serving something, or singing or dancing or dying of starvation.  Blue-bloods don’t socialize with those of a darker hue.  They are only for photo ops and charity cases – God forbid a darkie be invited to a social event.
So ok..We took liberties with this and maybe none if it true in whole….but I’ll bet the farm that there is some truth in each and every bullet point listed.

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