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Michigan Senator Tells Welfare Kids To Wear Hand-Me-Downs Or Go Naked

Bruce "F*ck your self-esteem" Caswell
Bruce "F*ck your self-esteem" Caswell


in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” news….

Republican Senator Bruce Caswell wants all poor kids in Michigan to understand that they are so poor, they can’t even have new clothes.  He has mandated that all kids on public assistance and in foster care only be allow gift cards to places like the Salvation Army instead of receiving cash to purchase essentials.  This would be their “clothing allowance”.

Word?…no more kids in the PJ’s rocking brand new $150 Jordans with their check money?  Sounds sort of ok in theory (especially to those of use that watch this trend), but a larger problem exists.  This mandate can further depress an already depressed class.  The self-esteem of these kids would be horribly diminished.  Living a life where poverty is a constant, sometimes, getting a new $15.00 t-shirt – or some brand new “back  of the truck” Jordans can make life seem that less bleak.

The problem with rich people who make laws like this is that they don’t understand what it is to have nothing.  They don’t understand ow the smallest thing can tear down self-esteem and pride.  While there is nothing wrong with thrift stores, telling someone they can only wear second-hand clothes or go naked is some bullshyt.

The argument is that the tax payers are footing the bill, so bargain “hand-me-down” clothes for these children will save money.  The Senator went on to recall on his own experience growing up, stating “I never had anything new.  I got all the hand-me-downs“.  Look here Bruce.  Don’t take your miserable childhood out on kids who have it even worse than you could ever dream. 

This dude, MadMen, is what you call a dream killer.

Understand in the larger scheme of things, Michigan is ground zero for the testing of how to control the poor populace (Black/Brown people). Every idea that comes out of that state recently is some bullshyt – from the shutting down of over half the schools, to the poverty levels, to the unemployment, to now trying to force the people to shop at select places….and it’s getting worse.

If you live in Michigan, I hope you are doing everything in your power to stop these types of legislation from passing.  u SHOULD be Mad.

  • I agree with him if you want to live off of other checks then you don’t need to waste money on brand new clothes go to your local resale store and they will fix you up with nice clothes. Quit bashing people that are tired of loosing their checks to people who life of the system and don’t need to. All I have left to say GET OF YOUR LAZY ASS AND OFF THE INTERNET AND GET JOBS THEN YOU CAN SEND YOUR KIDS IN BRAND NEW CLOTHES. Stop teaching them its ok to live off of people that work for what they want …. GO TRUMP “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

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