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China Names America Biggest Human Rights Violators Against American Citizens

Every year, the United States delivers it report about the state of human rights in other countries.  It’s “Human Rights Practices” report and covers every nation under the sun…except for America itself.

Well the Chinese have decided to take matters into their own hands. Tired of the arrogance of the American report which points out everyone else’s flaws, the Chines report entitled “Human Rights Record of the United States” seeks to turn the mirror to America…and turn it did.

The report begins by stating, “The State Department of the United States released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2010 on April 8, 2011. As in previous years, the reports are full of distortions and accusations of the human rights situation in more than 190 countries and regions including China. However, the United States turned a blind eye to its own terrible human rights situation and seldom mentioned it. The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2010 is prepared to urge the United States to face up to its own human rights issues.”

Say word!

The report then divides Americas abuses against its’ citizens in six sections:

  1. Life, Property and Personal Security : armed with real-time stats and examples from the most trusted American news sources, the report details the murder, theft and violent crime rate in the big cities…NY, LA, Philly and Chi-Town.  They state the reason for this being the US lax gun laws. They detail the campus shootings and gun crimes in detail.
  2. Civil and Political Rights: The Chinese go in on the fact that “big brother” is a HUGE part of American life – even though the US government claims it’s citizens to be uncensored.  This section of the report focuses on America’s own police brutality and torture methods…not on terrorists by an angry CIA Jack Bower dude…but by local police on local residents.  Damn…they hit the nail on the head with that one. Direct quote from the report: “Abuse of violence and torturing suspects to get confession is serious in the US law enforcement.”  Listed after this quote in the report are examples of police brutality and slayings against unnamed people, but just read the examples…and you know exactly who they are talking about, starting with Sean Bell.  The report also laughs at the “land of the free” moniker exposing that America’s number of incarcerated is the world largest…and if that isn’t a blatant violation, what is?
  3. Economic and Cultural Rights: America gets called to task for being the richest nation (ummm that is a lie…but we will roll with  it for the sake of argument) with the poorest people. Unemployment is crazy and the homeless are swept under the rug. How could a nation so rich, care so little about its most needy?
  4. Racial Discrimination: WOW…the Chinese put the entire Bloomberg administration on blast, using the NYFD and NYPD as the main example for American bigotry, citing race hatred as the answer for the high unemployment rate amongst Blacks. They brought up the disproportionate amount of Black police officer and firemen and the tactics used to keep Black disenfranchised in the “best” country in the world.  They hit on the difference between black and white in the education system, the poverty line and even health care. This is the toughest section to read if you are Black, Hispanic or Asian in the US. To have another nation confirm every bad thing about how your nation sees you and people like you … and put it so bluntly…is like a dagger to the heart.
  5. Women and Children : we know the US has many advocates for women’s rights all over the world,but the Chinese say they treat their own women just as bad, hitting on gender discrimination, sexual assault, domestic violence and health rights (abortion).
  6. Violation of Human Rights Against Other Nations: direct quote “The United States has a notorious record of international human rights violations.”  The report details the US atrocities in Cuba, Afghanistan, Baghdad and anywhere else.
In researching this piece I came across a reporter who scoffed at the report from China, saying the report details items that have no bearing on human rights issues. He makes NO mention about the very REAL problems in the reports about minorities, women and police brutality and goes on to suggest that the Chinese get “real” scholars to develop their report and not the propaganda of the Chinese communist party.
Really son? The reporter dude’s name is Fareed Zakaria – a man of color- who must be sucking somebody’s dick with his report.  Is he serious???? Da fuck is wrong with this Uncle Tom?  The only propaganda is the spin coming out your CNN paid mouth son.
America must turn the mirror on itself and deal with and solve these issues now…because eventually, some country will become powerful enough, who we owe much cash to, who has 6 stores on every hood corner, who controls all the American export/import business (made in China) to come and “liberate” your people….with the approval of the UN.
MadMen, if you do nothing else, please take the time to read the report in full. [Source]
Be Careful Big Brother…

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