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Ikea Doesn’t Care About Black People…

in today’s “bad policy” news….

can a brother get a break??

Seems like Ikea has bit the proverbial hand that feeds them.  This week the LA Times reported that the company is under the gun for very American practices.  Every time an Ikea opens in the US, it is met with great fan fare.  The promise of jobs, income and cool looking furniture brings out the Bob Villa in every homeboy /girl.

But the brothers and sisters in Virginia have lost their enthusiasm for the Swedish retailers. Workers have filed complaints, charging racial discrimination, forced overtime, stagnant pay (no raises), and disciplinary actions against anyone who complains.  Add to that the fact that Ikea has hired a well known law firm to keep employees from forming a Union.

What the fuck happened to the Swedes being neutral?  What part of the game is that?

In Sweden workers enjoy a minimum wage of $19 per hour and a mandatory 5 week vacation – but the brothers in the US make $9 per hour and are lucky to get 10 days of vacation a year.

Something is real messed up about that …and I SWEAR I will NEVA set foot in Ikea until they start treating their US counter-parts with a bit more respect.  I know there is nothing we can do about the pay (real talk)…but the discrimination??? That shit is no-bueno son.

Especially since we are the ones that buy most of that shit anyway.

U SHOULD be Mad.

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