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A.I. Goes H.A.M. On Atlanta Police After They Jack His Lamborghini

Former NBA star Allen Iverson launched into a expletive laced tirade after he was pulled over for a traffic violation.

we imagine this to be the look on the ballers face as he watched his Lambo being towed away

Iverson was the passenger in a grey Lamborghini that Atlanta police say changed lanes without signalling.  the driver identified as Antwuan Clisby could not produce any documentation for the vehicle.  When police scanned the identification number of the vehicle, it was found to have tags that expires in 2009.  Right around the time when Mr Iverson was still relevant.

Iverson was told the vehicle would be towed.  That’s when police say Iverson began to flip.  For the next 20 minutes Mr. Iverson went IN on police, saying “Take the vehicle.  I have 10 more.”  “Police don’t have anything else to (bleep) do except (bleep) with me.  He then asked “Do you know who I am?

I know who you used to be, Mr. Iverson and trust me this is NOT a good look.  Clisby, the driver, asked the officers “Would you want to pay $10,000 for a tag?   Well, it shouldn’t be a problem for a baller (pun intended) like A.I.  The car was towed, and Clisby was cited for failure to signal while changing lanes and the expired tag.

Later, Iverson came back and apologized for disrespecting the police.  SMH

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