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Georgia’s Poor Ball Out Of Control And Pop Bottles With Government Funds

An investigation into the expenditures of Atlanta’s welfare recipients revealed that some of Georgia’s poorest are spending their welfare dollars at popular vacation destinations such as Las Vegas, California, and the Virgin Islands.

CBS Atlanta requested a list of every withdrawal and expenditure made in 2010 by welfare recipients who receive cash assistance.  Of the more than 50 million dollars received by recipients of the TANF program, at least 1 million was spent out of state.  Thousands of dollars were spent in California, Las Vegas and New York according to the documents.

The expenditures include Point of Sale (P.O.S.) purchases and ATM withdrawals with government issued debit cards at Tattoo parlors and luxury resorts.  My people, my people.  This is why it’s important to carry cash.  

Kelly McCutchen, the president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation says “They may be visiting friends or relatives, but it seems to us they should be spending their time looking for a job.”   I bet that’s what they’re doing, in between visits to the Craps table.   How can they be expected to move on with their lives and find a job if they’re still walking around with that ‘Money, Cash, Hoes’ tattoo on their neck?

 Can I live, Kelly?  Can I live?

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