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Black Gets The Boot : Bloomberg Wipes Egg Off Face that egg on your face son?

in today’s “bad policy” news… that egg on your face son?

Guess what happens when you give someone without teaching experience the city’s top teaching job? Egg on your face, a failing system in chaos and the mass exodus of key officials.

Cathleen Black is used to a life of privilege, and so it was no shock to her or most New Yorker’s when her friend, Bloomberg, gave her the most coveted job in the NYC school system.  The title of Chancellor. 

As you can imagine the uproar was immediate – especially among teachers, who must endure grueling tests and  years of schooling in the field just to be certified to teach in a classroom. Bloomberg, the only Mayor in NYC history to bully his way into a third term, ignored the cries of “foul” and forced the uncertified, uneducated (in matters of education) Cathleen Black on the NYC school system.

Walcott replaces Black as NYC Schools Chancellor

Today – she steps down.  She resigned – some say at the mayor’s urging. No one has commented yet on the reason – but I bet it’s a good one.  After all that arguing, calling in favors and shyt, she is “stepping down”?? Bullshyt…I smell a rat MadMen.  remember in January when asked about overcrowding in schools and she joked “maybe we need birth control”?  I believe that was the beginning of the end for Ms. Black.  Her opponents rode that one to death and it seems the tactic worked – cause she quit.

Either way – most teachers including one particular MadMan who is near and dear to my heart will be doing cartwheels at this news.  Black will be replaced by DM Dennis Walcott, who aids the mayor in educational matters (ummm…how is that different from Black?).  Hopefully his credentials stack up.

we will keep you posted on this one…

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