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Arizona To Tax Fat People And Smokers?…GTFOHWTBS

in today’s “bad policy” news….

MadMen I swear to you I don’t make this shyt up yo. It seems that I am a magnet for sheeeeeyt that makes no sense. The funny but true. Yo my word, some of these state legislators are off the hook son. Check how Arizona is looking to impose fines for, are you ready? BEING A FLUFFY CHIMNEY!!!!!

LMAO…Yes I said it. Well repeated it. Arizona is looking to levy a tax on those who are over weight and those who smoke. WTF!!! Where do they come with this stuff. Mary Jane must be the chair on these sessions. Only high mofo’s would come up with something like this and justify it by stating “We are looking to promote healthier lifestyles for the american people”

Come on son!!! The Precious’s of America are about to go ape sheeyt now son! Now add the smokers who have already lost many places to be “second-hand killers” and you are an inch away from hitting the start button on an ass whoopin!

What’s foul is that is extended those being considered, in Arizona,  overweight people, diabetics and smokers. After researching this from multiple sources, the  predominantly right wing-leaning state’s Medicaid Program is considering a charge of $50.00 (Fifty Dollars) a year on people who smoke, are diabetic or overweight. When questions were  asked about all this, a spokesperson for Arizona’s “Health Care Cost Containment System” is reported to have said that the proposed fee will help to rein in health care costs by “encouraging” (Quote is mine) patients to work at keeping themselves fit.

In my BEST Farrakhan voice ” Who da HELL do you think you are“?

Fam, first of all this is wrong on so many fronts. What about those who have conditions that cause them to gain weight uncontrollably. Namely those who have their gall bladder removed. Those who have been smoking cigarettes since the beginning of time.

Being fluffy sometimes isn’t a choice. With fast food places poppin up every 15 minutes with their artery clogging ingredients and the glorification of a Newport hanging off the side of your lip, just where do you get the stones to say “you will be taxed”, to coerce someone into a healthier habits. Again MadMen another topic that has come to light.

The gov’t will stop at nothing to have total control over what you do, how you do, and where you do it!   When does it end? When we as a people do what our forefathers did back in the day. Lace up the timbs, get fresh with the airmax and take the fight to the steps of the those who come up with this fuckery!! I crack jokes to keep from getting angry because I used to be one of those people who felt as if it didn’t affect me directly, it wasn’t my fight to fight.

 But think about this. That person getting taxed for smoking or being fluffy could be someone closest to you. Maybe even you!! Make sense now?

Yeah we’ll see. Educate yourself people and keep your eyes open to EVERY thing around you!! Mi dun!

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