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Hoe Hides Trick’s Money In Her Glue On Weave – And STILL Gets Caught.

damn u Esther

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” and “that shyt don’t match” news…

20 year old Esther Armbrister needs to go back to hoe school. Lemme ‘splain.

damn u Esther

Esther is a known prostitute.  she has been busted several time before on charges of solicitation.  she allegedly picked up a tourist visiting from NYC and the two retired to a hotel room for a little playtime.  In the morning the trick grew suspicious, because Esther seemed nervous and anxious to leave. 

Being from the NYC, the dude checked his wallet only to find his $1600 in cash missing.  He confronted Esther and she proclaimed her innocence, even stripping down to her bare ass and emptying her purse to show she didn’t have the money.  Eventually the police were called and asked Esther could they check her hair. Sister Esther grudgingly agreed – and low and behold –

There the money was tucked into her glue on her weave.

Madmen. Do I even have to say it?  What hoe school did SHE go to?  The unwritten code of hoes and tricks states “every trick knows a hoe will rob you if she gets a chance” and “a trick should never know he was robbed until long after the hoe is gone”. 

Knowing this..we ask again “what hoe school did Esther go to?  You robbed the man of ALL his cash and then waited around for him to wake up and catch you?  Hiding the cash in your weave was genius, but getting caught was that dumb shit.  The oldest profession in the world also carries with it the oldest trick in th book.  How you didn’t get away free and clear is some craziness.  It’s also funny how they arrested Esther “sticky weave” Armbrister again, but did not arrest the “john” on solicitation charges. 

We are hoping she was charged for giving away the 411 on one the best hiding spots women have (hoes and non-hoes).

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