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Idiot Leaves A T-Shirt With His Picture On It At The Scene Of His Crime

Jonathan uses his old mug shot tee for esy identification in case someone has a problem finding who committedthe crime

in today’s “who raised you?” news….

get the “Roots” theme music ready…my People…my people…

Jonathan uses his old mug shot tee for easy identification in case someone has a problem finding who committed the crime

After hearing about this, I had to bring the MadMan take on it. 

So a 22 year old ex-convict named Jonathan Huntley is now on his way back to prison after being released this past November.  Not that out of the ordinary right? We all know the rate of recidivism is high in the Black community, so most wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow up at another brother going back to jail.

But back to jail behind some stupid, ghetto shit?  Yo’ ass needs to be talked about.  This dummy decides he needs some paper and rolls with a friend over to rob someone’s house.  The victim gave the police a vague description of “two black males” making off with cash and jewelry…with a description like that, no one should have gotten caught right? WRONG.

Madman Alex asks "Who Raised You???"

Apparently, Mr. Jonathan Huntley left his t-shirt at the scene. The t-shirt had his picture on it.  Let me repeat.  He left a t-shirt at the scene of the crime with his picture on it (which happened to be one of his old mug shots). 

I wish I was lying to you.  Mr. Huntley had the t-shirt created after his stint on lock-up row.  The black tee is emblazoned with his face and the words “Making Money Is My Thang” acting as a border around the picture.

One question Mr. Jonathan “getting caught is my thang” Huntley…Who Raised You

Fucking idiot.

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