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Chinese Want To Be Known As “Black” To Make More Money In South Africa

Chinese are looking to be classified as "Black" to obtain preference in business

in today’s “bad policy” news….

goin da fuc DOWN!  Listen I like Chinese people and food just as much as anyone esle…but this shyt here is going too far.

Chinese are looking to be classified as "Black" to obtain preference in business

Many Blacks have died and suffered under the horrible Apartheid regime and now the Chinese are taking advantage of that suffering for their own gains. Apparently, the new privileges that are now afforded to black people in South Africa are also up for grabs for Chinese immigrants.  They can now apply for “preferential treatment” for business under Black Empowerment rules.

These rules were to give Black people a fair start in the distribution of wealth they were robbed of under the White supremacist apartheid rule. The Chinese said they suffered as well  and the courts agreed, labeling them “Black” so they may also reap the benefits.

The bustling ChinaTown is a stark contrast to the reality of the situation.  Black South Africans (the real ones) are saying the Chinese lived better than their Black brethren under Apartheid, living in suburbs and owning businesses.  The Black were the ones who suffered and deserve the sole benefit of the Black Empowerment rule.

It appears that in a few years South African neighborhoods will look like the Black neighborhood here in the US.  A Chinese food store , hair supply and liquor store on every corner.  And the dollars made of the Black populace going not back to some shared Balck.Chises coommunity pot, but solely into the bank account of the Chinese…

Think I’m lying??…ask your local Chinese store owner  (there should be about  15 within 5 blocks) when was the last time they sponsored an arts program or sports team for the local Public School?

I’ll wait…in the meantime..check the report from South Africa below

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