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Judicial Appointee Believes Sex Outside Of Marriage Should Be A Crime

Alaskan Judicial Council appointee Don Haase believes sex outside of marriage should be a crime.  Haase was appointed by Gov. Sean Parnell for one of the three public seats on the council.

Haase does electrical and mechanical design work at the Trans-Alaska pipeline in Valdez.  He was a leader in Eagle Forum Alaska, a group that advocates for social conservative issues.   Nowhere in his extensive resume did it indicate that Mr Haase was responsible for maintaining the sexual purity of Alaskan residents.

Members of the Senate Judiciary committee said they were opposing Haase’s nomination because of his constitutional views rather than his political leanings.    “Mr Haase’s views when it comes to premarital sex or extramarital sex are views that I think directly infringe or challenge whether there is a Constitutional right of privacy in Alaska” said Democratic Senator Joe Paskan.

We all know Senators love a good roll in the hay, grass and everywhere else.  Talk about ‘blowing up the spot”.  If sex outside of marriage became a crime, we would all be in jail.  What’s next?  Mandatory “purity rings” ala The Jonas brothers?


Alaska’s Constitution guarantees perhaps the strongest right to privacy in the nation.   If they want to get a little Eskimo nookie on the side, that’s no one’s business.

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