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Religion Will Get You Killed : Afghans Kill 12 UN Workers After US Pastor Burns Koran

“Burning the Koran is an insult to Islam, and those who committed it should be punished.”  These were the words that fell on the ears of an already agitated crowd of Afghans from the lips of a respected religious leader, Mullah Mihammed Shah Adeli.  He and two other Mullahs urged the people to leave the Mosque and take revenge for the disrespect levied by Florida Pastor Terry Jones.

People poured into the street, carrying signs that said “Death to Obama”, swelling with hatred and religious pride (oxymoron).  Unable to find any Americans to stone to death, the crowd turned on the next best symbol of the West…the United Nations compound.

UN Police were shot, beat, stabbed and who knows what else while others ran inside the building and killed the foreigners inside (none were American – and none were affiliated with any particular religion).  The UN Workers hailed from Europe, Romania, Sweden, Norway and Nepal.  They were hunted like dogs and killed….in the name of Allah. They also burned down half of the UN building.

When Ol’ Terry “i hate mooslums” Jones defied public outcry and burned the Koran in a mock trial, officials warned that there would be deaths – and it would be irresponsible to allow the Pastor to continue.  But did the Obama Administration listen? Nope. Instead of calming his ass down, Mr. Jones got a pass to incite violence under the guise of “free speech”..and now an international incident has occurred due to our Administration’s lack of action.


idiot Pastor now has blood on his hands

Arab leaders publicly condemned the burning in Parliament and called for Mr. Jones to be imprisoned before some shyt jumped off. Mullah Kasaf is quoted as saying “We expressed our deep concerns about this act, and we were expecting the violence that we are witnessing now…unless they try him and give him the highest possible punishment, we will witness violence not only in Afghanistan but in the entire world.”


And what does the idiot (Pastor Jones) have to say about starting all this shyt? “Islam is not a religion of peace. It is time to call these people to accountability“. You dumbmuthfukka!  If you know they are not about peace as you say..then why incite them to kill people…namely us and YOUR dumb ass.  Shouldn’t you be preaching out of your King James or Latter-day Saint or “whoever the hell wrote it” Bible about peace and forgiveness? What happened to ‘WWJD’???

You know you done fucked up right? Fucking Religion will be the end of us all.

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