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Hell Up In Harlem: Dead Granny Stuffed In Closet While GrandSon Gets It Poppin With Prostitute

Wagner Housing Projects

in todays “Who Raised You” AND “GTFOHWTBS” News…

Wagner Housing Projects

Larry Davis, a 21 year old East Harlem resident (it hurt to type he is from Harlem) is on the run after relatives and police caught homeboy having sex with a known prostitute on his grandmother’s bed.  This in itself is not a crime except for the fact that granny was dead and stuffed in the closest in the same damn room.

To make matters worse, police say the grandmother, Cora Davis, 76 was crammed in the closet with a pile of clothes dumped unceremoniously on top of her lifeless body.  Inital reports are coming in that due to the nature of injuries on Cora’s body, she may have been strangled.

Cora was well known and loved in the Wagner housing projects while her grandson, a known drug abuser, was also known for being drug out in handcuffs and his frequent arguments with his grandmother (there was a restraining order issued at one time).  Relatives who knew “that something aint’ right with that boy”, stormed the house and busted Larry having sex, asking “Where’s Momma??” 

Madman Alex asks "Who Raised You???"

 After not hearing from Cora for two days, the family knew something was up.  They called the police, but Larry ran off before they arrived.

Larry “f-my-granny” Davis is currently being sought by police for questioning in the death of his grandmother.  If any police officer working on the case is reading this, please let the first question out your mouth to this fool be “Who Raised You”??????

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