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Babies For Green Cards – Chinese Women Busted Paying to Have American Babies

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” news…..

Officials in California report that they have busted up a “maternity tourist operation”.  For those of you scratching your head, this means women from countries like China, Mexico and South Korea pay thousands of dollars to deliver their baby on American soil..thus making the baby an American citizen and putting Mommy on the fast track for that elusive green card.

It appears to be big business – with brokers in those countries offering “all-inclusive packages” to have an American baby that includes a doctor, healthcare (read medicare, WIC and other shyt taxpayers pay for) and baby wellness.  Some packages even provide strollers and other goodies.  SERIOUSLY????? 

Mind you..we are not talking about poor destitute women here or political prisoners who escaped, or battered women running away from an oppressive machoistic regime that was about to cut their clits off in a ritual ceremony.  These are well to do women who want the insurance of an American address…and will pay tens of thousands of dollars to do it.  Then, they can either fast track for a green card or have the child petition for their citizenship once it becomes an adult.  Most of them return to China with the baby, hoping to cash in later.


The Center for Health Care Studies says this shyt isn’t anything new and gives all of us the “are u surprised” look.  this has been going on for years.  It’s well funded, very organized and happening right under the American’s taxpayers nose (and paid for with social service programs that regular Americans have to jump through hoops to obtain – even though we pay for it).

The State Department says it can’t deny a woman a Visa because she’s pregnant – bullshyt.  they are on the take!  You give tourist Visas to thousands of pregnant women going to the same damn place without question, but the regular American woman has to get a drug test to get WIC?? REALLY??  I say you make sure you keep an eye on that bitch and make a stipulation that if she pops the FIRST umbilical cord on US soil, her ass will be immediately sent home and the baby will be raised here with foster parents.  Sounds harsh?  Not really. 

Chinese chicks were ballin' outta control in luxury townhomes while poppin umbilical cords for green cards

Illegal immigrants at least WANT to be here.  Their kids are Americanized and raised to love this country and protect it, after all  – their parents TRULY believe there is a better opportunity here and swan past sharks and dodged border patrol bullets to get here.  But these well-to-do women?? They take their children home to a COMPETING nation, train them and send them back with an ‘ALL ACCESS” card. Again remember – they are paying to do this. This is a business – a clearing house providing this service to thousands of women with the approval of their government (evidenced by the fact that their citizens are returning in droves with American babies).

This is a strategy and sanctioned by the US as well.  Yeah I said it. MadMen…look at your neighborhoods.  There is a fucking chinese food restaurant on every damn corner.  Everything we have is made in China AND the Chinese are now establishing programs in public schools to make sure American children learn their language (at least enough to follow orders). 

GTFOHWTBS.  I’m not an alarmist, not prejudiced, my family immigrated here too – but THIS shyt here is DIABOLICAL.  I believe in immigration rights and would punch anybody in the face to protect the brown people of this world.

Still got your nose turned up at my last statement?  Then answer me this.  China is the No.2 economy – and basically funds everybody…but I bet your black/white or whatever else ass can’t go pull this shyt over there…try it and tell me what happens. 

I’ll wait.

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