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The Post Office “Loses” Granny’s Chronic

An Oregon woman says the U.S. postal service has lost something very important, her marijuana.

Ely Musikka, 71 receives free medical marijuana to treat her glaucoma as part of a government program callled ‘Compassionate Use Protocol’.  Musikka usually flies to Miami, her former home to pick up her sticky-icky from her eye specialist at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

On her last trip, the sticky was delayed and she had to fly home without it.  Her attorney, Norman Kent of Fort Lauderdale, Florida accepted the chronic for her and shipped it next day delivery through the U.S. postal service on March 17.  Madmen, this is the part where it gets tricky.

Kent mislabeled the ZIP code and the package was sent to Santa Monica, California.   The package containing six metal tins packed with over 1,800 marijuana joints seems to  have disappeared after it’s stop in Cali.  Kent told CNN  “I find it fascinating that the Post office can acknowledge that it went to the wrong place, but they can’t tell me what happened after that”

Fascinating, indeed.  There’s a lot of  people with glaucoma working at the California Post Office.

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