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Fresh Oil Washes Up On Shores Of Louisiana


Gobs of fresh oil appeared on the Louisiana shores


Nearly a year after the BP oil spill, large globs of reddish brown crude washed onto the shores at Grand Isle, Louisiana.  Raising concerns about the Gulf once again.   Mike Roberts of the Louisiana Bayoukeepers flew over the area on March 19.

Roberts said “It looked like a huge amount of oil in the Gulf.  I could smell it from the plane.  This wasn’t just Mississippi River mud.”  Coast guard officials have confirmed that oil slicks have impacted the Louisiana shore.  The oil appears to have come from a leaking drilling rig.

Sound familiar?  That’s going to put a serious dent in your Admiral’s feast.

Coast guard officials say they will continue to investigate the source of the leaking oil and complete test results of water samples taken from  giant plumes spotted last weekend.   This discovery comes on the heels of the U.S. decision to allow Shell to begin deepwater oil and natural gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.  The  company wants to drill three exploratory wells in nearly 3,000 feet of water.  The Interior department claims to have imposed tougher safety and environmental review requirements for drilling permits and exploration plans.

Madmen, you better enjoy your shrimp scampi now.

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